Feel underprepared

to teach writing?

You're not alone.

Many teachers feel underprepared to teach academic writing – especially to English learners – based solely on their degree training.

Many teachers have been advised to just have students write throughout the day, across disciplines, and to use the state writing rubric as a guide.

But once you're in the classroom, you know it takes more than that to adequately prepare your students. That's where Writing Across Disciplines will help!

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It is possible to develop writing skills with ALL your students

Without exhausting yourself or frustrating your students

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"Writing Across Disciplines" is broken down to easily guide you through the why, what, and how of writing instruction. You have both Ruslana and an ELP course facilitator as your guides along the way!

In other words, you're never alone. There are resources and support in place to help you implement the tweaks we recommend each step of the way.

At English Learner Portal, we only teach what has been proven to work with English learners for consistent results and growth.

*Earn a certificate for 45 hours of professional development while you close the literacy gap! Turn that certificate into THREE GRADUATE CREDITS with a fee of $225 to Brandman University. Tuition reimbursement applies in most districts. Join the next cohort or choose an independent study that begins and ends when you choose!

Break writing instruction down into manageable, actionable, logical steps.

Move at your own pace through our online course that gives you the option of three graduate credits or 45 professional development certificate hours upon completion, and a whole lot of peace of mind as you learn:

• examine the current state of writing instruction in your environment;

• review standards and identify the requirements of genres across content areas;

• explore strategies for prioritizing and targeting your instructional focus.

The course is asynchronous and self-paced with a dedicated course facilitator to guide you.

"My work with Ruslana – the importance of empowering students with the skills they need to clearly communicate their thinking through language, the written word. I also take delight in seeing the students gain confidence as they become competent writers." -- Christine, ESL Teacher

ABOUT Your Instuctor, Ruslana

Ruslana Westerlund, Ed.D., has a Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Bohdan Khmelnytskiy Cherkassy National University and Doctorate in Education.  She is an associate researcher in WIDA’s Research and Development Division.  Previously, Ruslana worked as an ELD Specialist at K-12, teacher preparation programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, and served as an ELD and refugee student specialist at the Minnesota Department of Education. She is also an adjunct faculty member teaching courses in the ESL/bilingual licensure programs in several universities. Ruslana is a course developer for ELP.

Learn more about Ruslana's courseRuslana has been actively researching writing development and instruction for a well-known university program for years. She's tried it all and knows what works.

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