Understand the link between language and literacy

During the Whole to Part course, you will plan lessons that leave students reading and writing beyond their assessed reading levels and excited about literacy.

You'll be amazed as your English learners begin building literacy skills faster than before, as you help them connect language development with literacy skills in an engaging way.

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What you need is a simple plan, a step by step toolkit you can use to address the needs of your English learners without creating hours of extra work.

Whole to Part is your toolkit

"...Whole to Part instruction builds literacy skills faster than using isolated language pieces found in de-contextualized drills because the context is relevant, significant, and engaging. My students have bloomed using this approach..." ESL teacher

*Earn a certificate for 45 hours of professional development while you close the literacy gap! Turn that certificate into THREE GRADUATE CREDITS with a fee of $225 to Brandman University. Tuition reimbursement applies in most districts. Join the next cohort or choose an independent study that begins and ends when you choose!

The course is asynchronous and self-paced with a dedicated course facilitator to guide you.

Meet Your Instructor, Kelly

English Learner Portal was founded by Kelly Reider. With over 26 years of experience in public school settings, Kelly is passionate about helping teachers feel supported and equipped to serve their English learners.

Kelly's philosophy on instructional coaching and professional learning is based on the core belief that all students deserve and are able to succeed in a rigorous, academic program.

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