making thinking

visible with foldables

Are you ready to boost student engagement and enhance learning of abstract concepts? This course is specifically designed to support English learners as they acquire English as well as master content standards! Using a hands-on, kinesthetic approach such as Foldables® engages students at every level. As students conceptualize their learning, they deepen their thinking and increase retention of learning. In this 5-hour course, you will learn how to use Foldables®, three-dimensional graphic organizers, to help students construct meaning, develop language skills, and more. Get ready to witness increased excitement in learning, improved engagement with content, and better academic performance.

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To best support our students, we must help them organize their thinking.

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During this 5 hour training with Amy you will:

select and use Foldables® to help students organize, explain, and retain complex information and

connect critical thinking, student discourse, and Foldables® to everyday instruction for English learners.

"This class was so interesting, enjoyable, and immediately relevant to my current work. I completed the course with a ton of ideas to share with fellow teachers! Thank you SO much!!!"

the active learning pathway

This course is part of the Active Learning Pathway which includes:

Visible Thinking with Foldables

Deepening Learning with Foldables

Must Have Engagement Strategies

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Introducing Amy Kines

Amy Kines is a national trainer who brings her passion for student learning and engagement to every client and every project. Amy is a former elementary and middle school teacher, staff development teacher, and instructional specialist and is now president and lead trainer for Ready Aim Teach LLC.

With a master’s degree in School Administration from Johns Hopkins University, National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist, and 30 years in education, Amy brings her unwavering commitment for the impact teachers have on students to every presentation.  Amy and team at Ready Aim Teach work with schools and districts across the country on a variety of topics, all centered around student achievement and student learning.

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Thinking Verb Placemats

Focus on academic language with consistent icons and definitions.

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Helping you relieve the stress around developing content knowledge & academic language with your English learners.Learn how you can develop language and content throughout your day to day lessons.
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Writing Across Disciplines

Writing Across Disciplines - Breaking writing instruction down into manageable, actionable, logical steps.
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Spark Planner

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Trauma Informed Teaching + Social Emotional Learning

5 hour training
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Thinking Verbs Placemats - English Only

English only thinking verb placemats - set of 10 - laminated
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Active Learning Pathway - Enroll in all 3 online Pathway courses & Save

Enroll in all 3 online Active Learning Pathway courses.
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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Arabic

Consistent academic language and visuals in Arabic and English. Set of 10 placemats.
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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Chinese

Consistent academic language and visuals in English and Chinese. set of 10 placemats
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Thinking Verb Magnets - Arabic

Consistent academic language and visuals in Arabic. One magnet per term. Set of 23 magnets.
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Thinking Verb Magnets - Chinese

Consistent academic language and visuals in Chinese. One magnet per term. Set of 23 magnets.
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Digging Into the Language of Math

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Deepening Learning with Foldables

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