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Thinking Verbs Placemats

All your students will benefit from the full-color bilingual Thinking Verbs placemats in English and Spanish. With each English verb sitting side by side the Spanish verb, it makes it super easy for students to pick up both!

You will find that consistent use of the coordinating images and definitions throughout your day and classroom will significantly help your English learners (and ALL students) remember and master academic language.

Your set of 10 is laminated to last longer. At 8.5" x 14", each placemat is large enough to read with ease and share with a partner.  Students are able to use dry erase markers to highlight the focus for a lesson and wipe clean for the next!

Includes the following thinking verbs: analyze, calculate, classify, compare, construct, contrast, create, demonstrate, describe, design, determine, develop, evaluate, explain, identify, infer, interpret, justify, model, simplify, solve, summarize, and support.

For more ideas on how to use the Thinking Verbs in your classroom, visit our blog at https://www.englishlearnerportal.com/thinking-verbs

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Thinking Verbs Placemats in English and Spanish



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Thinking Verbs Placemats - English Only

English only thinking verb placemats - set of 10 - laminated
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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Arabic

Consistent academic language and visuals in Arabic and English. Set of 10 placemats.
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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Chinese

Consistent academic language and visuals in English and Chinese. set of 10 placemats
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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Spanish two sided

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Thinking Verb Magnets - Arabic

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Thinking Verb Magnets - Chinese

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