no student is a native speaker of math

K-12 math standards (and learning in general) require students to share their thinking, discuss strategy, evaluate options, explain processes, and more. We can't assume that the language of math and the language of thinking will just be acquired naturally in the classroom. How can we support English learners in the math classroom? Join us and find out!

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"Creating, supporting, and sustaining a culture of access and equity require being responsive to students’ backgrounds, experiences, cultural perspectives, traditions, and knowledge when designing and implementing a mathematics program and assessing its effectiveness."

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

this course will help you

make math accessible to all

K-12 learners

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In "Digging Into the Language of Math" you will:

explore English proficiency levels and the language acquisition process;

consider the academic language needed for math success;

include language supports in math lessons; and

practice various strategies for making meaning in math.

why language of math??

In my years of working in content classroom across grades K-12, I was often asked what could be done to address the needs of English learners in the math classroom. They just "didn't seem to get it". After many, many classroom visits and review of curriculum, the language demands of the math classroom became clear. On top of that, teachers had little to no training of how to recognize or address the language demands on top of the math demands. That's why we are bringing it to you now!

whyo should take this course??

This course (and the entire Language of Math Pathway) is designed for K-12 math content teachers, ESL teachers, coaches, and administrators. The best practices and strategies apply across grade levels and examples from elementary, middle, and high school are included. As with any professional learning, this course is best taken in co-teaching pairs where an expert in math partners with an expert in ESL to make the most of both worlds.

"It made so much sense after the workshop...language in math! The strategies are realistic and not overwhelming to a teacher who was never trained in ESL..." 5th grade teacher

With this course you receive:

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Download templates where you can drop your specific content.

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Take your time and refer back often as you implement the strategies you learn.

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Your course facilitator is always on call to coach you through the course content and implementation.


My guarantee to you is that this knowledge and these strategies, when implemented, will make a difference in your instruction. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for years that have enabled me to continue to support successful classrooms across the country. If, after 60 days of access to the course, you do not feel the content can impact your instruction you can request a 50% refund.


ABOUT THE course facilitator

Kelly has 27 years of experience in public education settings including consultant, ESL district program coordinator, school administrator, instructional specialist, & teacher. She is an international workshop facilitator, former WIDA Certified Facilitator, a recipient of the TESOL ELT Leadership Management Certificate, and a National Board Certified Early Childhood Generalist. She provides consulting and professional development services in all aspects of instruction, language development, program evaluation, curriculum development, & system level program planning. Kelly holds a Master's degree in Instructional Systems Development & certification in Elementary Education, Spanish, ESOL, & School Administration.

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