the impact of language

IWhether high English learner (EL)-impact schools continue distance learning, resume in-person instruction or adopt a hybrid approach, variance in a school’s English language development (ELD) program, if left unchecked, could be silently thwarting school improvement efforts. This variance is fueled by the failure of school leaders to envision how the roles of EL teachers and general educators coalesce to create equitable school wide conditions for all students to learn grade level content and academic English, simultaneously.

Participants in this pathway will learn how to implement an EL-centered leadership approach to school improvement that consists of the following elements: an equitable schoolwide English language development (ELD) model; SMART goals in literacy, math, & language and aligned action plans for each goal; collaboration in professional learning communities (PLCs); and teacher led professional development.

In this course, participants will clarify how the roles of the ESL teacher and general educator coalesce to create a shared vision for an equitable school wide English language development model. In a high English learner-impact school, a sustained focus on a school’s equitable school wide English language development model through the continuous improvement cycle eliminates variance and enhances school improvement efforts.

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Explore a language centered school improvement approach

To best support our students' academic achievement, we must

provide a quality language development program

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After this 5 hour course with Dr. Karen Woodson,

you will be able to:

define English language development instruction & the role of the ESL teacher;

envision an equitable school wide approach to English language development with collaboration between ESL & general education teachers;

use gap analysis protocol to create a shared vision;

explore staffing options to create equitable conditions; and

use feedback to support continuous improvement efforts; and professional learning priorities.

the leadership pathway

This course is part of the Leadership Pathway which includes:

Leading in High Impact English Learner Enrollment Schools

Setting and Monitoring English Learner Centered Goals

Estbalishing a Culture of Teacher Led Professional Learning

Enroll in the complete Pathway and save!

Introducing Dr. Karen Woodson

Dr. Woodson is a retired Principal of a high-English learner enrollment Title 1 elementary school. A veteran in public education with over 35 years of service as a teacher, instructional specialist and district wide English Learner Program Director, Dr. Woodson focuses on creating equitable conditions for English learners in schools, English learner centered school improvement strategies, and Baldrige guided strategic planning. Dr. Woodson is the founder of Leading for School Improvement.

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