filling the gaps

Many schools have experienced waves of enrollment that include students with limited or siginificantly interrupted education. These students come nwith many assets as well as educational gaps. This course will explore strategies to address those langauge and content gaps in any classroom.

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"Students with interrupted education need specialized programming and assistance, above and beyond what is normally provided to ELLs."

Brenda Custodio & Judith B. O'Loughlin

this course will help you

efficiently develop english proficiency and content knowledge in any classroom

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In this course you will:

develop lessons that focus on language and content simultaneously;

select resources that best meet the needs of students in the content classroom; and

apply the strategies provided to create lessons that match student needs.

"Judy O'Loughlin and Brenda Custodio are definitely top professionals in the field of teaching ELLs. Their research has guided teachers to work successfully with their students." Pam Rose, ESL teacher & Chair of Refugee Concerns IS of TESOL International

whyo should take this course??

This course (and the entire SLIFE Pathway) is designed for all teachers and administrators who work with immigrant students and wish to learn more about developing early literacy for older students. As with any professional learning, this course is best taken in co-teaching pairs where experts in content areas partner with experts in ESL to make the most of both worlds.

With this course you receive:

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Download for future reference.

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Take your time and refer back often as you implement the strategies you learn.

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Your course facilitator is always on call to coach you through the course content and implementation.


My guarantee to you is that this knowledge and these strategies, when implemented, will make a difference in your instruction. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for years that have enabled me to continue to support successful classrooms across the country. If, after 60 days of access to the course, you do not feel the content can impact your instruction you can request a 50% refund.


ABOUT THE course facilitatorS

Dr. Brenda Custodio is a former secondary ESL teacher, a district-level resource teacher, and building administrator with Columbus City Schools in Ohio. She helped to create the newcomer program and the sheltered content courses for secondary level SIFE learners for the district. She is a frequent presenter at both the state and national level on topics of literacy development, refugee resettlement, newcomer programs, trauma-informed strategies for immigrants, and SIFE. She has written three professional books: How to Design and Implement a Newcomer Program, Students with Interrupted Formal Education: Bridging Where They Are and What They Need and Supporting the Journey of English Learners with Trauma.

Judith B. O’Loughlin, M.Ed., a former New Jersey K-8 ESL and special education teacher, works with K–12 teachers, providing professional development on newcomers, SIFE, sheltered differentiated instruction, and intervention tiers for students at risk. She has taught graduate-level TESOL endorsement courses. She is a frequent presenter at TESOL, NABE, CABE, and CATESOL. Her publications include the Academic Language Accelerator and chapters in three edited books: The CCSS in English Language Arts for Grades K–5, Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms, Mathematics, Grades 3-5, and Co-Teaching and Other Collaborative Practices in The EFL/ESL Classroom.

Judith is the co-author of both Students with Interrupted Formal Education: Bridging Where They Are and What They Needand Supporting the Journey of English Learners with Trauma with Brenda Custodio.

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