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"What a wonderful workshop this was. I am so engrossed by everything that it covered and I hope that I can remember it all. I can't wait to use many of your strategies or techniques with my ELL learners."

Improve online learning with deeper engagement

In this 5 hour online training, participants will:

  • consider culturally responsive approaches to instruction;
  • explore supports and scaffolds that give all students access to grade-level content;
  • experience a lesson sequence approach in literacy and mathematics; and
  • review tips for encouraging parent engagement in distance learning

Proven best practices for distance learning environments

Help your English learners learn and stay on target while they learn outside the classroom with this quick 5-hour course on Online Language and Literacy Development for English Learners. Exclusively from English Learner Portal.

This course will include attention to:

  • important considerations for teaching English learners online
  • specific research-based strategies for developing literacy online (without subscriptions to other services)
  • specific research-based strategies for developing language and content simultaneously (Science, Social Studies, & Math)
  • ideas for students who cannot access online classrooms such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
  • parent engagement in a distance learning setting
  • social and emotional wellness in a distance learning setting
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"I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course. I am walking away from the class still feeling more “ready” for the new adventure of teaching online. So many ideas and techniques were shared and that’s what will help us be successful in our endeavors. So many courses focus on telling you what you should be doing but rarely share examples and techniques to use! This course did the opposite and was so meaningful in my opinion. I hope to take course 2 if given the opportunity. Thank you for your hard work and dedication helping other teachers become better instructors not just for ELL but for all of our students!"

THIS 5-hour training will help you

teach online with english Learners

This course is part of the Online Learning Pathway which includes:

Online Language and Literacy Development for English Learners

Delving Deeper

Engaging Immigrant and English Learner Families in a Virtual World

Enroll in the complete Online Learning Pathway and save!

"I am grateful to be a life long learner. There is always something new to learn especially in the area of teaching ESL. I am always searching for new and current ideas to use with my ESL students. This course has helped me learn many new ideas and strategies. It has exposed me to different websites to use which saves much precious time in class preparation. I am looking forward to the next course I signed up for and to enlarge my "teacher bag" of ideas."

THIS 5-hour mini-course will help you

teach english learners virtually



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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Spanish

Focus on academic language with consistent icons and definitions.
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Helping you relieve the stress around developing content knowledge & academic language with your English learners.Learn how you can develop language and content throughout your day to day lessons.
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Spark Planner

Utilize this guide as your resource for quick recall of your most important pieces for planning accessible content lessons for your English learners.
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Trauma Informed Teaching + Social Emotional Learning

5 hour training in the Online Learning Pathway
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Writing Across Disciplines

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Whole to Part

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What's Happening in Immigration News?

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Thinking Verbs Placemats - English Only

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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Spanish Only

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Thinking Verbs Placemats - Spanish two sided

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Understanding the Backgrounds of Refugee Students & Families

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Online language and literacy development for English learners

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Academic Discourse in the Secondary Content Areas

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